2024 2nd International Conference on Clean Energy and Low Carbon Technologies (CELCT 2024)
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

【Clean Energy 清洁能源】

1. Renewable energy technologies and systems 可再生能源技术和系统

2. Renewable energy storage technology 可再生能源储存技术

3. Energy efficiency

4. Solar thermal energy 太阳能热能

5. Ssolar seawater desalination 太阳能海水淡化

6. Solar energy materials 太阳能材料

7. Photovoltaic, wind technology 光伏、风能技术

8. Hydrogen energy production 氢气能源生产

9. hydrogen storage 氢气储存

10. Fuel cell  燃料电池

11. Biomass and biofuels 生物质和生物燃料

12. Waste to energy 废物变能源

13. Nuclear energy 核能

14. Energy management 能源管理

15. Energy security and clean utilization 能源安全和清洁利用

16. Energy management control system 能源管理控制系统

17. Bioenergy 生物能源

18. Passive solar building 被动式太阳能建筑

19. Sustainable buildings 可持续建筑  

20. Energy and architecture 能源与建筑

21. Economic Feasibility of Renewable Energy System 可再生能源系统的经济可行性

22. Related Topics 其他相关细分主题

【Low carbon development 低碳发展及技术】

1. Clean energy, nuclear power, and natural gas 清洁能源、核电和天然气

2. Renewable energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy 可再生能源,风能,太阳能,生物质能

3. Water pollution control projects, carbon emissions, and haze pollution 水污染控制项目、碳排放、雾霾污染

4. New energy vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles 新能源汽车、混合电动汽车

5. Pure electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles 纯电动汽车、氢燃料电池汽车

6. Ethanol fuel vehicles, biodiesel vehicles, natural gas vehicles 乙醇燃料车、生物柴油车、天然气车

7. Afforestation, water-saving agriculture, organic agriculture 植树造林、节水农业、有机农业

8. Sustainable development of ecological resources 生态资源的可持续发展

9. Industrial structure and industrial technology and energy conservation 工业结构和工业技术与能源节约

10. Green service, low-carbon logistics, intelligent information technology 绿色服务、低碳物流、智能信息技术

11. Green consumption, industrial management and energy conservation 绿色消费、工业管理与节能

12. Green collaborative innovation and green development model 绿色协同创新、绿色发展模式

13. Related Topics 其他相关细分主题